New English File course for
English language teachers

New English file course for teachers

Take our 3 hour New English File teaching course via Skype to become
an expert NEF teacher ... and then you can teach English from your
home worldwide via Skype or even teach at language schools
or teach directly at home to local students.

What is the New English File
course for English language teachers ?

Our 3 hour course on the NEF course books, teaches you how to
best use the NEF books to teach English to language students.

The course is done via Skype on a one to one basis,
you the prospecting teacher and one of our expert NEF tutors.

It is aimed both at the no-experience-wannabe English language
teacher, as well as professional language teachers.

For non-experienced teachers our course is your doorway
to making teaching English a profession.

For expert teachers, if you have never taught the NEF textbooks
you will save days in trying to figure out the best method in teaching
the NEF course books, and finding your way around between the
students book, the workbook, the tests, and the class audio.

Basically, our 3 hour course will teach anyone who is fluent in
English how to teach English and make teaching English a
profession by which to make a decent living.


Who can teach English using
the New English File course books ?

Anyone who is fluent in English, as in being a mother tongue
native English speaker, who would like to teach English to foreign
language students using the New English File course books.

You do not need TEFL, or any similar certificates.
You do not need a university degree.



Why should I take your
NEF course for Teachers ?

If you have no idea on how to go about teaching students, our course will help you. If you do have some experience in teaching English in a classroom with other course books, but have not used the NEF courses yet and would quickly like to learn how to use the NEF course.

Or even, because you are an experienced teacher but have
never taught English using Skype.
In our course we will also show you the best way to play audio
files to your students over Skype. Not as easy as it sounds.



How much does the NEF course for teachers cost ?
Our NEF course for teachers costs Euro 225 and is done in
3 separate Skype sessions of 45 minutes each.
Preferably all 3 lessons being done in 1 week.


What do I get for my money ?
You will learn how to use the New English File language textbook series to teach English via Skype, or in the classroom, or in private lessons.
You will learn how to use the student's book, the workbook, the test papers, how to use the audio, and also how to use the grammar sections.
Basically you will learn how to teach English confidently
using the New English File course books.



Who will be teaching me how to use the NEF books ?
An expert English language teacher, who not only knows the NEF textbooks backwards, but also uses them to teach via Skype, and in the classroom.



How do I get students once I become a NEF expert ?
Once you master the NEF course books, you can:
start advertising locally offering English language lessons,
apply to work for language schools, get students from all
over the world via the web and teach them English via Skype.

Opening a profile on is a good start.




How much money can I earn teaching English ?
If paying Euro 225 for our 3 hour course sounds
like a lot to pay then consider this:
Most English language teachers spend years at university, then
spend a small fortune on an English teaching specialization course.
You can skip all that and be up and teaching within 3 hours.

Say that after six months, you have gradually built up your
students to 6 and you charge each student 10 euro per lesson,
for 2 lessons each week.

In the first moth, the first student pays you
8 lessons which make Euro 80

The second month you get another student,
so you now make Euro 160.

The third month you get a third student,
so now you earn Euro 240.

The fourth month you get your fourth student and you
now earn Euro 320 per month ... just with 4 students.

Your earnings:
1 student  - End of first month you earned: Euro 80
2 students - End of second month you earned: Euro 240
3 students - End of third month you earned: Euro 480
4 students - End of fourth month you earned: Euro 800

So with just 4 students, one new student each month,
after 4 months you have earned a total of 800 Euro.


Basically, by the end of the second month you have almost
made all the money you spent on our course. And the rest is all profit.

Also, remember that eventually you will be able to put students
together in one lesson so you can double, treble the money
you make for just 1 hour of doing the same work.

The same via Skype, you can do Skype conference calls
with 2 or 3 students simultaneously.

If after even a year you have only 10 students, each of whom do 2 lessons a week, if they are in individual lessons, then you will be teaching 20 hours a week.
80 hours a month.

And at 10 euro per hour you are earning 800 Euro each month.
Now imagine that you can slowly add more students to the existing lessons and after another year you are still teaching 20 hours a week [80 hours a month] but now have 2 students in each lesson.
For the same ammount of work, you will be earning double the money : 1.600 Euros a month.

You do not need to be a mathematical genius to figure out
that knowing how to teach English can be very profitable.



How do I pay for the NEF teacher's course ?
You can pay by credit card, or by Paypal directly.
You will find detailed explanation on how to pay on
our order NEF course for teachers page.

If you do not have a credit card nor a Paypal account,
please contact us and we will email you details on how
to do a bank money transfer.

We are a UK registered company and issue
invoices for all payments received.

And our tutors and teachers who teach the New English File
course books to teachers are experts in teaching the English
language field.

Go to the order page and book and pay for your
New English File course for teachers.

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